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About DWC Pipes

“SY-ARON” Brand HDPE DWC PIPES are designed as technically superior and cost-effective solutions for replacing RCC or PVC pipes in optical fiber cables, railway signaling cables, electric cables, and telecom cable networks. “SY-ARON” Pipes are manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE). In double-walled corrugated pipes, the USP is lightweight due to the corrugation of the outer layer and the smoothness of the inner layer, along with a particular load-bearing design that provides DWC pipes with excellent cable protection in underground or above-ground applications. The inner smooth wall facilitates easy cable insertion. “SY-ARON” Pipes, with their excellent mechanical properties and ability to withstand heavy external loads when properly buried and backlled, are ideally suited for environments where the direct placement of ducts and cables is not safe or easy.

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