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About HDPE Pipes

HDPE PIPE has the ability to withstand harsh chemicals without corrosion and leak as well as the tight installation, polyethylene (PE) has been regarded as the ideal material for the water industry.

Additionally, PE joints offer leak-free connections that outperform other competing materials in terms of reliability and longevity, not to mention the remarkable savings on the installation costs and life of the materials. Improvements in the strength and performance of PE materials has resulted in water, chemical & several other industries needing solutions for liquid and gas transfer to adopt PE for its pressure transmission networks.

The polyethylene we manufacture has been effectively stabilized with carbon against UV radiation effects. The Stabilization also servertocounteractheadfatigue,thusincreasinglife.“SY-ARON”isoneoftheleadingHDPEpipesuppliers.Thesepipesareeffective for uid transfer for aboveground, underground, or even in oating applications. The usage of HDPE pipes ranges from industries to commercial water supply.

Technical Specification

“SY-ARON”pipe is manufacturing HDPE pipes from 20mm to 500mm with pressure ratings from PN 2.5 – PN 20 in grades like PE 63, PE 80 & PE 100 as per IS 4984: 2016 + AMD-2:APRIL 2022.

Key Specifications