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About PLB Duct Pipe

The Telecommunication ducts are HDPE duct pipes pre-lubricated with silicone cores suitable for telecommunication and fiber optic cables. They are derived by combining the strength and exibility of PE material with a suitable lubricating layer on the inner surface of the ducts

“SY-ARON” telecom ducts are suitable for cable installation by blowing technique or pulling by rope. Directional drilling can also be used to install electrical or telecommunication ducting in under-road applications, or heavily built-up areas. Our cable ducts offer extremely low friction properties, are strong & exible, and highly suitable for ber optic cable installations.

“SY-ARON” Smooth wall HDPE duct is made to Industry Standards for Power and Communications Applications. It can be installed using open trench methods, HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilled) Plowed, or pulled into conduit.

Technical Specification


Features of PLB Duct Pipe